COLOMBIA: Government Shows Actions To Prevent Power Shortage In The Caribbean

(RTTNews) – The Colombian Minister of Mines and Energy, German Arce, held a meeting with the team appointed by the elected President Ivan Duque to report on the intervention of Electricaribe and its current situation.

“It’s one of the big issues that are going to make the transition,” Arce said.

The minister told that a “detailed presentation” of the steps that have been taken by the company, beginning with the intervention made in November 2016, the conditions that generated that intervention, the evolution of more than a year under the intervention in the company, and the advances that have been made in revenue, in portfolio, in the management of losses and in the attention to that market.

Arce stressed that “since the intervention, there has been zero power supply shortage processes, keeping the Colombian Caribbean Coast almost at risk of blackout every week.”

Electricaribe was intervened by the Superintendency of Public Services of Colombia as of November 2016, against years of complaints from users for poor service and lack of investment.

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