How Simply Acknowledging Another Person’s Pain Can Help Them More Than Telling Them to Cheer Up

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You can’t heal somebody’s pain by trying to take it away from them.

Megan Devine of Refuge in Grief has created a truly insightful animation that offers helpful advice around consoling a friend who may be grieving. Rather than telling them to cheer up or look on the bright side, Devine suggests that a simple acknowledgement of their pain will be far more productive in helping them heal.

It’s so hard to know what to do when your friends are hurting. The thing is, you can’t cheer someone up by telling them to look on the bright side, or by giving them advice. It just doesn’t work. Watch this video to learn the one thing that will improve all of your “I’m here for you” intentions, and be that supportive friend you most want to be.

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