Paper review: ‘Amazon tax’ to save high street and ‘BoJoke’

Image caption The Guardian leads with comments from Chancellor Philip Hammond after retailer House of Fraser went into administration. In an interview with Sky News, Mr Hammond suggested extra taxation on online retailers – dubbed an “Amazon tax” – could be used to help the struggling high street. Meanwhile, the main picture is of former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman who claims US President Donald Trump has used the N word. The White House says her claims are false.
Image caption The i also leads with comments from the chancellor, who said taxation should be “fair” between online and high street companies. The paper says Mr Hammond is “seriously” considering the option of a possible new tax.
Image caption The Mirror also reports on the prospect of heavier taxation for online retailers. The paper says Mr Hammond’s suggestion that “we may have to rebalance the playing field” is a “big victory” for its own High Street Fightback campaign.
Image caption And according to the Financial Times, Sports Direct’s takeover of House of Fraser shows boss Mike Ashley is “keeping faith” in the high street. But the paper’s top story is the crisis for Turkey’s lira, after the currency plunged as US President Donald Trump doubled tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminium. Other emerging market currencies like South Africa and Russia also dropped as the lira fell, the paper reports.
Image caption Amazon also features on the Times’ front page but for a different reason. The paper reports that Amazon is to be banned from claiming that it can guarantee next-day delivery for Prime customers. It says the Advertising Standards Authority will rule next week that offers of “unlimited one-day delivery” are misleading and it must make clear that some Prime items cannot be delivered the next day.
Image caption Saturday’s Daily Telegraph leads with comments from Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg who, writing in the paper, argues that criticising Boris Johnson over his burka comments “merely helps the opposition”. Mr Rees-Mogg says Mr Johnson is being set up for a “show trial” because of Theresa May’s “personal rivalry” with him. He claims disciplinary proceedings are being used to stop Mr Johnson from becoming leader of the party.
Image caption Saturday’s Sun also leads with the latest on former foreign secretary Boris Johnson. According to the paper, there are reportedly plans within the Conservative Party to make Mr Johnson undergo diversity training following his remarks saying people wearing burkas looked like “letter boxes”.
Image caption Meanwhile, a photograph of Jeremy Corbyn makes the front of the Mail, which reportedly shows the Labour leader during a wreath-laying ceremony at a cemetery in Tunisia. According to the paper, Mr Corbyn is standing near to the graves of members of the Palestine Liberation Organisation including one man who was involved in the 1972 Munich Olympics attack. It was previously reported that Mr Corbyn had attended such a ceremony in 2014.
Image caption The Daily Express reports that a veteran of the “Cyprus emergency” in the 1950s has been contacted over alleged “wrongdoing” during the conflict. The newspaper calls it a “witch hunt” and says that critics have said “it’s only a matter of time before claims are made about British forces in the Second World War”. The government says it is defending a claim “for compensation, not a criminal investigation”.
Image caption Former glamour model Samantha Fox is on the front page of the Daily Star. She has reportedly demanded an apology from police for being linked to a sex offence trial, which she says led her to being “viciously trolled”.

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