Read ex-Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort’s plea agreement with special counsel Robert Mueller

The plea agreement that Paul Manafort signed off on Friday requires him to “cooperate fully, truthfully, completely and forthrightly” with special counsel Robert Mueller and other federal investigators, who among other things are eyeing President Donald Trump.

That means Trump’s former campaign boss is obligated to be “fully debriefed” by members of Mueller’s team, turn over documents, and testify at any trial, grand jury or other court proceeding that prosecutors want.

“The defendant must at all times give complete, truthful, and accurate information and testimony, and must not commit, or attempt to commit, any further crimes,” says the 17-page agreement filed in U.S. District Court in Washington.

And Manafort, 69, will not be sentenced until he completes the terms of that agreement.

Mueller is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, possible collusion by the Trump campaign in that act, and possible obstruction of justice by the president. Trump has denied any wrongdoing by himself and his campaign.

Manafort, a long-time Republican operative pleaded guilty Friday to two counts of conspiracy.

One count related to his repeated criminal acts connected to his work for pro-Russia politicians in Ukraine, while the other is connected to his efforts to tamper with witnesses against him after he was slapped with two federal criminal indictments.

Manafort faces up to 10 years in prison, and $500,000 in fines when he is sentenced. He has also agreed to forfeit real estate in New York and Virginia, and turn over four bank accounts to the federal government. Manafort’s assets to be surrendered are worth an estimated $46 million.

Download Manafort’s full plea agreement here.

Read Manafort’s full plea agreement here:

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