‘Nights of the Jack’ Now Glowing in Calabasas

Putting off things we need to do? If you’re human, you know how this goes: It happens, all the time. And in October, one of those must-get-to-it tasks can involve creating a gourd that all the neighborhood kids will “oooh” over on Halloween night, and the neighborhood adults, too. But where to find inspo for such a creative craft? Don’t go to seed over the thought: Nights of the Jack has arrived, with inspiration, creativity, and dazzling displays aplenty.

The “Halloween Jack O’Lantern Experience” opens at King Gillette Ranch on Thursday, Oct. 11, and flickers over several select nights right through to Sunday, Nov. 4. What’s there? Plan on seeing plentiful carved-by-hand pumpkins piled together and/or lined up to form sharks, dinosaurs, monsters, and other real-world or fictional sights.

There are thousands of pumpkins to gaze upon, so buy your ticket now, bundle up, at least a little, and leg it to the rustic property for an after-sundown experience of the most pumpkin-tastic variety. Time needed to walk the trail? About 45 minutes to an hour, pumpkin people.

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