POW! WOW! Japan 2018: Event Recap

A couple weeks ago I was out at POW! WOW! Japan, which was quite a different experience than most of the other POW! WOW! festivals in that it was a road trip format. Instead of staying and painting in one city, we all travelled together to a couple different cities, starting in Osaka, then to Okayama (where we lived in a temple), before closing out the trip in Kobe.

The invited artists were Kevin Lyons, Brendan Monroe, Evah Fan, Jet Martinez, Sam Rodriguez (and his wife Bu), Kami & Sasu, Kamea Hadar, and Jeff Gress. We cooked together, we ate together, we slept in one giant room together, everything was family-style.

Here are some photos from the trip, shot by me unless otherwise credited. It was an unforgettable experience!

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