Savor 35+ Food/Sip Spots at EastSide Food Festival

No one would dare say that you, as an avowed dine-outer, don’t know the eateries and taverns of your own neighborhood. But you might not have tried them all yet, especially if you live in a foodie-amazing area like the eastern hub of our megalopolis. And even if you have? A revisit, with special happenings in tow, is always a terrific choice.

The EastSide Food Festival delivers on the dine-big front each year, as it will again on Sunday, Oct. 21 at the Mack Sennett Studios. The late-afternoon lark, which dishes up the good stuff (and pours the good stuff) from 4 to 7 p.m., will include over 35 local makers of tacos, ice creams, and more.

The beneficiary of the event’s raffle? It’s PATH, “a family of agencies working together to end homelessness for local individuals, families, and communities.” A ticket bought to the EastSide Food Festival in advance? That’s $69, and if you’re planning on skipping the adult beverages, you can saunter in for $54. Take a look back at some of the appetite-stoking haps from years gone by at one of the smartest and neighborhood-knowing-est foodie parties around…

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