The Curtains Open on a Beloved Cinema’s New Chapter

So often, too often, the theaters we loved as kids shutter, or crumble, or just fade away. We have the memories of the movies we loved, if not the actual place, though sometimes the walls will still stand, a last vestige of the venue we knew. And if you grew up in Pacific Palisades, you knew The Bay and, just maybe, you even got a chance to catch a matinee or two there, over the years.

The storied cinema, designed by celebrated theater architect S. Charles Lee, opened in 1948, but shuttered just 30 years later, eventually becoming a hardware store. But The Bay’s journey hadn’t yet concluded, for a re-imagined swanky five-screen destination, complete with a bar, posh bites, and comfy recliners, is making its grand debut, an elegant homage to the spirit of The Bay.

Look also for a re-imagined yet retro sign at the newest incarnation of The Bay, now called The Bay Theatre by Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas, as it says hello again, beginning on Friday, Nov. 9 at Palisades Village.

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