Trump leaves for Paris, comments on new asylum rule and acting attorney general — live updates

President Trump is heading off for a brief trip to Paris for the Armistice Day celebration, and on his way to Marine One, he stopped to speak with reporters. He commented on his latest move to tighten the nation’s asylum rules, saying, “We want people to come into our country, but they have to come into the country legally.” 

On Thursday the administration posted an interim final rule that would withhold asylum protection from immigrants who first cross the border illegally.   

Mr. Trump also said of Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, “I don’t know Whitaker,” adding that he is “highly thought of.” He told reporters, “I didn’t speak to Matt Whitaker” about special counsel Robert Mueller. 

The president’s departure comes after a contentious midterm election that Mr. Trump declared a tremendous victory, and after he ousted his attorney general Jeff Sessions and named Whitaker acting attorney general. 

The president is expected to arrive in Paris later Friday afternoon. 

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