Suspect Killed in Officer Involved Shooting at Ralph’s in Torrance

A suspect was pronounced dead at the scene of an officer involved shooting in Torrance at a Ralph’s grocery store on Sunday, according to police at the scene.

The shooting occurred on the 1700 block of Carson Street, and no officers were injured in the shooting, according to Torrance Police’s Twitter account.

Newschopper4 Bravo arrived over the scene as the Torrance Police Department employed a drone and armored vehicle to investigate a vehicle in the parking lot believed to be housing the suspect.

After a short time, police officers approached the vehicle and pulled a suspect out of the vehicle. The man did not appear to be conscious, and officers proceeded to perform chest compressions for a short time.

Soon after, a white sheet was placed over the man, indicating that he had died. A public information officer at the scene confirmed that the suspect was dead a short time later.

Police at the scene said the incident started as a report of a stolen car and stated that the shots were fired into the vehicle.

The official cause of death for the suspect and other details of what caused the shooting were immediately available.

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