African American Man Killed Because of Race, Officials Say

Authorities say a man fatally shot on a freeway on his way home from work in August was targeted because of his race.

Samuel Ferguson, 27, of Cerritos, was killed Aug. 20 in a car-to-car shooting on the 91 Freeway by a documented gang member who prosecutors say was targeting African Americans.

“And of today it still doesn’t make sense,” said Ferguson’s brother, Byron. “Knowing that somebody’s shooting people for no reason at all, based after race, just doesn’t sit well with me.”

Added Donna Cunningham, the victim’s sister: “I can’t even wrap my mind around what he must have felt like knowing someone was chasing him, firing several rounds at his car just because of the color of his skin.”

Car-to-Car Shooting in Cerritos Leaves One Person Dead

[LA] Car-to-Car Shooting in Cerritos Leaves One Person Dead

The Fergusons are relieved that the suspect is behind bars, but this loving family of nine siblings says they will never recover. Two weeks ago they buried their mother, who died of health complications after seeing the suspect in court.

“Just because he’s caught, it doesn’t lessen the pain,” Cunningham said. “The pain is still there, but it’s good to know that he’s being brought to justice.”

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