Polestar Releases First Details of Upcoming All-electric Model

Polestar, the performance-oriented luxury brand created by Volvo’s Chinese parent company Geely, already has a 2-door hybrid sports car coming down the pipe later this year — the Polestar 1. However, the company is already teasing a follow-up sedan that aims to remove the internal-combustion component entirely and take on the likes of Tesla’s Model 3.

Dubbed the Polestar 2, the model will be a four-door fastback built on a modular platform with a battery pack intended to deliver roughly 300 miles of range on a single charge. While that sounds competitive, Volvo has previously indicated the Polestar 2 might start around $50,000. That’s not a far cry from the Model 3’s current starting MSRP of $44,000 ($46,000 until a few days ago), though Tesla promises a base version in the neighborhood of $35,000 later this year. 

Due to enter production in 2020, the 2 might seem extravagantly priced if Polestar doesn’t make it truly special. We already know the automaker intends to launch an Android-powered touchscreen and implement the in-car version of Google Assistant on the 2 before it makes its way into other Polestar/Volvo products. It’s also supposed to yield an electric drivetrain that plays host to around 400 horsepower. That, in addition to its luxury-focused interior, should keep folks interested.

The automaker intends to offer the Polestar 2 through all the traditional channels and via the more premium version of its Care by Volvo subscription service — which we have mixed feelings about.

Polestar says it will release full specifications in the near future, as well as a better look at the vehicle. Thus far, the company has only released the single teaser image seen above, but we can already see it adhering to the fastback and light-bar trends that have taken the luxury segment by storm. According to rumor, the 2 will use Volvo’s 40 Series concepts (which resulted in the production XC40) as a blueprint for its exterior. The assembly locale is TBD but odds are good the 2 will be manufactured alongside the Polestar 1 at the company’s new Chinese facility early next year.

xc40 concept

[Images: Geely]

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