How to track timezones around the world with these free apps

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At TNW, I work in a newsroom with reporters located in several different parts of the world. So it’s not always easy to figure out if a particular colleague is having their first cup of coffee in the morning, or if another has already clocked out for the day. There’s also daylight savings time to add to this confusion. If you’re in the same boat, I’ve got some handy tools that can help you keep track of the time across the globe.

Up first is World Time Buddy, which you’ll want to bookmark right away. It lets you view timezones in a horizontal view, and you can add up to four locations to your screen at once for free (adding more will cost you $2.99 monthly for 20 locations. Plus, it shows weekends, warns you when daylight savings time is a week away, and you add meetings to your Google Calendar when you sign in with an account.

Credit: World Time Buddy