Links 2/22/19

The Ticks That Can Take Down an 800-Pound Moose Atlantic (resilc)

Here’s how many trees it would take to cancel out climate change TreeHugger

Are we on the road to civilisation collapse? BBC (Dr. Kevin)

‘Moment of reckoning’: US cities burn recyclables after China bans imports Guardian

World’s food supply under ‘severe threat’ from loss of biodiversity Guardian

Woman dies after eating at Michelin-starred restaurant Guardian (resilc)

A New Treatment Can Relieve Food Allergies, But Few Doctors Offer It NPR (David L)


From corn to Apple: What’s behind the US-China standoff Associated Press

U.S. Efforts To Block Huawei Gives China An Advantage Moon of Alabama

China coal ban: Scott Morrison is not ‘jumping to conclusions’ Guardian. Kevin W: “That flapping sound that can be heard is chickens coming home to roost.”


India reiterates plan to stop sharing of water with Pakistan Al Jazeera (Kevin W)


Venezuela crisis: Maduro to close border with Brazil BBC

US Media Erase Years of Chavismo’s Gains FAIR (UserFriendly)

Juan Guaido heads to Venezuela’s border to PERSONALLY bring in US aid Daily Mail Online (resilc)


The Centre Ground: Where Politics Goes to Die! Jonathan Pie, YouTube (Kevin W)

EU Expects May to Request Three-Month Delay to Brexit Bloomberg. She also needs Parliament to amend the Withdrawal Act, which hard coded the Brexit date. Within the limits of what various well-connected reporter have said the EU might entertain. But the Government still needs to give a reason. The EU had before signaled it was not receptive to the UK asking for more time to faff about, but might grant it anyhow to allow for more crashout prep time.

Juncker: I’ve got Brexit fatigue Politico

New Cold War

Russian Attacks Hit US-European Think Tank Emails, Says Microsoft Defense One


‘Rule of the Rabbis’ Fuels Holy War in Israel Consortiumnews (UserFriendly)

Pentagon Ends Drug Lab Bombing in Afghanistan Time (Bill B)

The Sanders Foreign Policy Advantage New York Times

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

American Airlines Has Cameras In Their Screens Too BuzzFeed. Oh, great, I have to bring masking tape when I travel?

China Uses DNA to Track Its People, With the Help of American Expertise New York Times

Facebook Continued To Identify Users Who Are Interested in Nazis — and Then Used the Info To Let Advertisers Target Them, Investigation Finds Los Angeles Times

Imperial Collapse Watch

AFRICOM Adds Logistics Hub in West Africa, Hinting at an Enduring US Presence Defense One (resilc)

Trump Transition

Judge imposes full gag order on Roger Stone The Hill

Lindsey Graham Rips New Trump Policy: “The Dumbest F—ing Idea I’ve Ever Heard” Vanity Fair (resilc)

Donald Trump Keeps Picking Losing Fights Bloomberg (resilc)

Devin Nunes Was Trump’s Mole Inside the Gang of Eight Washington Monthly (resilc)

FAT Anomalies In Leaked DNC Emails Suggest Use Of Thumbdrive Disobedient Media (furzy). Not news if you’ve been following this controversy.

Inside a Fly-by-Night Operation to Harvest Ballots in North Carolina New York Times (resilc)

North Carolina board calls for new election in contested House race The Hill

Utah Man Faces Hate-Crime Charges After Allegedly Attacking Father and Son, Shouting ‘I Hate Mexicans’ DailyBeast (resilc)

Congress May Make It Impossible to End a War Defense One (resilc)


Michelle Obama would be tied with Biden as frontrunner if she ran in 2020, poll shows The Hill

Why an erstwhile neoliberal is feeling the Bern The Week (UserFriendly)

Thomas Friedman Is Right: Pie Doesn’t Grow on Trees Rolling Stone (UserFriendly)

people fake cancer too Fred deBoer (UserFriendly)

2019’s Most Sinful States in America WalletHub

Federal prosecutors broke law in Jeffrey Epstein case, judge rules Miami Herald (George P). Not clear the case gets reopened.

The Hidden Risk in the Fracking Boom Rolling Stone (resilc)

Kraft Heinz Discloses SEC Probe, Misses Earnings Forecasts Wall Street Journal. Big corporate accounting fraud came in a wave last time. Is this the start of a series?

Kraft Heinz Sinks Near Record Low on $15.4 Billion Writedown Bloomberg

Experts Find Serious Problems With Switzerland’s Online Voting System Before Public Penetration Test Even Begins Motherboard. Paging CalPERS…..

Warren Buffett Can’t Find Anything Big to Buy Wall Street Journal. Again paging CalPERS.

Waymo Self-Driving Cars Can Now Obey Police Hand Signals Futurism. Oh, come on. I challenge them to be able to recognize the highly variable and always fast hand signals used by cops at 57th and Lex, where the traffic police regularly camp out (often more to deter gridlocking than anything else). And on top of that, what will these cars do if a traffic cop is giving directions that contradict traffic lights, which often happens? Or disobey a traffic light because that’s the only way to clear a path for an emergency vehicle?

Consumer Reports no longer recommends the Tesla Model 3 CNN

Tesla is bleeding executives, and it could suggest a problem with Elon Musk’s leadership Business Insider (Kevin W)

Modern Monetary Theory Is Not a Recipe for Doom Bloomberg. UserFriendly: “Kelton responds to Krugman.”

Class Warfare

The AI Road to Serfdom? Project Syndicate

Google Will End Forced Arbitration For Employees CNET

Purdue’s Sackler embraced plan to conceal OxyContin’s strength from doctors, sealed deposition shows Stat (JB)

Hooked: How So Many Vermonters Got Addicted to Opioids Seven Days (resilc)

Please consider this GoFundME: Help Putnam County WV Workers who Held the Line!

Antidote du jour. Martha r: “Full grown Monte Iberia Dwarf Eleuth frog – smallest species in the Northern Hemisphere, existing only in a tiny region of Cuba.…

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