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Are you ready? There’s just one episode remaining of Game of Thrones, and a teaser released after last Sunday’s controversial episode, titled “The Bells,” gave viewers a sneak peek. The footage didn’t reveal much, but a few shots of the survivors of the bloody second-to-last episode reminded viewers of the turmoil we’ve all endured so far.

If you’re cool with spoilers or are all caught up through the May 12 show, you can read our recap to discover what happened in the bloody King’s Landing battle, or check out the reaction to a certain brotherly clash, learn about the origin of Daenerys’ dragons and find out what kind of Mother’s Day Cersei Lannister had.

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The blockbuster hit show has offered up a short final season — just six episodes — but some of them have been long. Episode 5 and the upcoming episode 6 are each an hour and 20 minutes.

Game of Thrones‘ final episode airs May 19 on HBO.

Originally published May 12. 

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