Faster Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR Headset Launched for $999

Thought Google Glass was dead? Think again. Google today announced the release of Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, which features faster internals and a new AI engine for improved efficiency.

The new version is a massive upgrade in almost every aspect. It now features a new 10nm Snapdragon XR1 chipset which comprises of a multi-core CPU. Apart from better performance, the new chip offers improved efficiency and power savings that lead to longer battery life. Additionally, the new Glass comes with an improved camera. It now also features a USB-C port for faster charging.

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Google has also partnered with Smith Optics to make Glass 2 compatible with safety frames used in work environments. There’s also a standard version whose design resembles the original Google Glass. The optical display module at the front of the Glass 2 remains the same as before and features a resolution of 640 x 380.

Google Glass 2 runs on Android Oreo and supports Android Enterprise Mobile Device Management. This will make it easier for enterprises to develop apps for it and deploy it in their factories or work environment.

As the name indicates, Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is only meant for companies and not for consumers. It is available for $999, down from $1,599 price tag of the previous version. Google is currently targetting Glass as a hardware product that is used by enterprises in their factories to help their employees using AR. While the original Glass was a consumer product, concerns about user privacy and other issues led Google to focus only on enterprises with it.

[Via Google]

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