Apple Highlights WWDC 2019 Scholarship Winners Apps and Games

WWDC Scholarship Story

Ahead of WWDC 2019, Apple is highlighting all the apps and games from developers who won the WWDC scholarship on the App Store. The company is highlighting the apps in a featured App Store story.

Apple notes in its post that the winners for this year WWDC scholarship come from 20 different countries. The company has highlighted apps on a country-by-country basis.

The most number of apps come from Brazil and the United States.

Some of the apps highlighted by Apple are as follows:

  • Diary – Homework Management
  • Brass Notes!
  • Nano for Reddit
  • Subwords
  • Bouncy Ball
  • Plot Twist Movies
  • Study Organiser
  • Booiacu
  • Betcha!
  • Wheel of Movies
  • Juke Fiesta
  • Life Explorer
  • GradeCheck Montgomery
  • Glome
  • MilesofReadn
  • Doodle Drop!

You can view the App Store story here.

Apple will announce iOS 13, watchOS 6, macOS 10.15, and more at the opening keynote of WWDC 2019 later today. The keynote is scheduled to start at 10:00 am local time in San Jose. You can find the timing of the opening keynote in your timezone here. Apple is also live streaming the keynote and you can find details on how to watch it live here.

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