iOS 13 Removes 200MB App Store Cellular Download Limit

Right before WWDC 2019, Apple silently bumped the iOS cellular App Store download limit to 200MB. With iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, the company is getting rid of this limit altogether. Yep, you will be able to download large apps from the App Store in iOS 13.

Apple now includes an option under Settings -> iTunes & App Store –> App Downloads which allows one to specify what to do when downloading apps over mobile data. There’s a handy option in this list ‘Ask if Over 200 MB’ so you will always get a prompt while downloading huge apps over mobile data.

In addition, underlying changes from Apple means that app sizes in iOS 13 will be notably smaller. The company claims a reduction in app size by 50 percent and app update size by 60 percent. This means that most heavy apps and games will automatically see a reduction in their download size after iOS 13 release.

While not mentioned during the opening keynote, Apple has also added low data mode to iOS 13. This should ensure that the OS cuts down on mobile data use — a handy option to have when you are on international roaming and have limited mobile data.

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