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Yes, folks, it’s true: Fortnite is a fantasy realm, with fantasy rules. Please be careful out in the real world.

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A round of Fortnite can have a lot going on: wild characters, loot to snatch up, colorful skins to try on and supplies to gather to build protection against other players. The ultimate goal? Be the last one standing. The game’s been out three short years and it’s held on to a pretty solid fanbase.

Power companies in Israel want Fortnite to make some changes to its game. Not to guns or the ability to shoot other characters or steal dance moves, but to the player’s ability to climb utility poles. According to a Wednesday report by Reuters, Israel Electricity Corp. sent a letter to the game’s makers, asking that they no longer let Fortnite players scale utility poles, because it could encourage dangerous real-world behavior.

In the Monday letter, obtained by Reuters, Israel Electricity Corp. said kids climbing utility poles is a real problem that the power company has been trying to stop for many years. The power company said Fortnite is responsible for the safety of its players.

In case you’re wondering, it’s no joke: Climbing utility poles and the like can kill you.

Neither the Israel Electricity Corp. nor Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, immediately responded to requests for comment. 

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