This week in Android: Official Pixel 4 preview and Huawei’s shifting strategy

An official image of the Google Pixel 4. Google

This week started with a leaked image of the Pixel 4, which was no surprise given the Pixel line’s history with leaks. What was a surprise was Google responding by posting an official image of the Pixel 4 on Twitter. A few days later it was even spotted in the wild. Check out the latest Pixel 4 rumors at our rumor hub.

Huawei was also in the news as its conflict with the United States government drags on. Although it’s working on its own Oak OS, it’s also reportedly considering using the Linux distribution SailfishOS.

On the review side, this week we published reviews of the Moto Z4, Red Magic 3, and ZTE Axon 10 Pro smartphones. We also gave our first impressions of the mid-range Samsung Galaxy M40, which looks like another winner for smartphone giant Samsung.

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