Apple Releases Hilarious New Ad Highlighting Face ID’s Convenience

iPhone X Face ID TrueDepth Camera System

Apple has released a hilarious new ad in which it shows how Face ID is more secure and convenient to use than Touch ID. This is the first time that Apple is directly taking a jibe at Touch ID in one of its ads after first ditching the sensor on the iPhone X in 2017.

The 30-ad second ad shows an old man napping on a reclining lounger in his backyard. When he receives multiple messages from his friend Craig, he just opens his eye and the iPhone XR sitting pretty on the table automatically unlocks and expands all the messages.

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When Apple first introduced Face ID, it did claim that the facial recognition system was more secure and convenient to use than Touch ID. While this is true to a certain extent, many users have found in real-life use that Touch ID was better for their use. With Face ID, the issue is that one must look towards their phone for it to unlock which is not always possible and can lead one to strain their neck and look at the phone in an awkward angle.

Additionally, Face ID is not as fast as Touch ID which has been a major irritant for many people. Thankfully, Apple has improved the Face ID unlocking speeds considerably with OS updates, and with iOS 13, Face ID is going to get 30 percent faster.

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After looking at the ad, I do wonder who keeps their phone on the table in such a manner? I guess in a bid to show just the wow factor of Face ID is, the marketing team behind the ad went a bit too far.

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