Electra Team Releases Chimera v1.1.0 Jailbreak for iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2 with Sileo v1.1.5

Chimera Jailbreak

The Electra team today released Chimera v1.1.0 which updates the bundled Sileo release to the latest version and fixes a bug with the package manager’s icon not showing up after a successful jailbreak.

This is a relatively minor update and if Chimera is working fine on your jailbroken iPhone, there is no reason to update to the latest release. You can always update Sileo manually to the latest release yourself as well.

Sileo v1.1.5 features a rewritten depiction and featured tab in Swift language which means they will now not only load faster but will also be more reliable. You can find the Sileo v1.1.5 update in the Chimera/Electra repository.

To update Chimera to the latest release, all you need to do is download and install the latest IPA of the app and proceed to re-jailbreak your iPhone/iPad. Chimera jailbreak supports all iPhones and iPads running iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2.

It is unlikely that we are going to see the newer versions of iOS 12 being jailbroken. The community has now switched its focus to iOS 13, though any jailbreak release for that OS will only show up a month or two after iOS 13 is released to the public.

Do you like Sileo as a package manager? Or have you given up on jailbreaking entirely and updated your iPhone to iOS 12.3? Drop a comment and let us know!

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