HomePod Launching in Japan and Taiwan Later This Summer


Apple has announced that it is bringing its Siri-powered smart speaker HomePod to Japan and Taiwan later this summer.

In Taiwan, the HomePod will retail for NT$9,900, while in Japan it will carry a price tag of ¥32,800.

Initially launched in early 2018, Apple has taken its own sweet time in bringing HomePod to major markets across the world. So far, the HomePod is only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, China, and Hong Kong.

The HomePod has not really met with much success largely due to its high price compared to the competition and the inferior experience offered by Siri on the speaker. Apple has rolled out multiple updates since the HomePod launch to make it smarter and more functional. However, compared to Google Assistant on Google Home and Alexa-powered Echo speakers, HomePod still lags behind by a huge margin.

The HomePod does offer better sound quality than every other smart speaker in the market but that has not really helped it in making it popular among consumers. Apple did lower the price tag of the HomePod to $299 from $349 earlier this year but even that has not made much of an impact. The company needs to launch a cheaper HomePod and make Siri smarter and more functional on it to capture the smart speaker market.

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