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In this week’s edition, we welcome David Imel to the floor, Android Authority’s traveling journalist and Senior Producer over on YouTube. (Sidenote: the only way we, David’s colleagues, know where he is at any time is via his name on Slack. That could be anywhere from California to Shenzhen to Barcelona, depending on where the next great phone is being launched!)

Take it away, David.

Google-Pixel-3a-XL-showing-front-bezels-and-camera-editors-choice (1)

Top 3 smartphones with headphone jacks:

“In 2019, you’d be hard-pressed to find a phone you can use with a pair of regular headphones: the headphone jack has been all but removed, leaving you with a dongle or a wireless connection via Bluetooth. AirPods are the Apple way-of-life, because Apple.

Fortunately, not all is lost.

There are still a few great phones out there that will let you plug in old reliable earphones. Price points matter, so here are three options that should be suitable for almost everyone.

Expensive: Samsung Galaxy S10 series

  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of my favorite phones of 2019. It’s fast, has amazing battery life, and the newly redesigned One UI is far superior to the older Samsung interfaces.
  • This phone has it all. Whether you care about performance, wireless charging, top-notch water resistance, or a good old-fashioned headphone jack, the Galaxy S10 series won’t disappoint – assuming you’re willing to pay the cost of entry.
  • More on which S10 is right for you, here.

Middle of the road: Asus Zenfone 6

  • I can honestly say that I was flabbergasted when I reviewed the Asus Zenfone 6, and didn’t lose my positive outlook after some long-term use.
  • Asus phones have always packed a lot of “value” in the power department, but the user interface has long been one of the worst on Android. With the Zenfone 6, Asus is taking it back to basics, using a user interface that nearly mirrors a “stock” Android experience.
  • While this phone cuts back on an OLED screen and replaces it with an LCD, most everything else about this phone is a joy to use. It’s packed with power, and at just $500 (and a headphone jack!) it’s a great deal.
  • Full Zenfone 6 review.

Budget beast: Google Pixel 3a

  • The Pixel 3a has quickly become one of the most beloved phones of 2019.
  • It brings the Pixel experience to a much wider audience, which is honestly what Google needs right now (with Pixel 3 sales in the gutter).
  • The 3a is just as magical a phone to use as the Pixel 3, and the XL model sports an even bigger battery than its high-end counterpart.
  • The processor is a bit slower than most flagships available today, but most consumers probably won’t even notice the difference. With the headphone jack making a surprise comeback, this device is a pleasant surprise.
  • Here’s the 3a XL review.”

Thanks, David!

And a PS: my sister just got the Pixel 3a, and loves it.

2. Huawei confirms EMUI 10 reveal date, coming next month (Android Authority).

3. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will probably look like this when it launches (AA).

4. Looking for local specialities and discount meals? Google Maps has you covered – starting in India (AA).

5. One report said Apple has “temporarily” stopped developing AR/VR headsets (MacRumors), this piece suggests no, that’s wrong (CultOfMac).

6. Google defends letting human workers listen to Assistant voice conversations (The Verge).

7. Trump apparently knows what Bitcoin is, and he doesn’t like it – or Facebook’s Libra (The Verge).

8. Bird lost $100m in Q1 because winter is hard for escooter companies (The Information).

9. Now AI is beating the best players at Texas Hold’Em Poker (NPR).

10. Harley-Davidson offers free charging for its electric motorcycle (Engadget).

11. Hayabusa2 lands on an asteroid and sends back pictures to prove it(TechCrunch).

12. The war to free science (Vox).

13. A US lawyer who uploaded pornography to file-sharing sites then sued people who downloaded it, has been sentenced to five years in jail (BBC).

14. Here is a fireplace that burns proprietary logs (BoingBoing).

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