Base 13-inch MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals Soldered SSD and RAM, Bigger Battery

The recently launched base 13-inch MacBook Pro has received the iFixit treatment and has been torn down to reveal all its internals.

Despite packing a Touch Bar and Touch ID, the internals of the new base 13-inch MacBook Pro are similar to the previous generation non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro variants instead of the Touch Bar variants. The inclusion of a Touch Bar does mean that Apple has soldered the SSD on the logic board meaning any third-party repair or replacement is entirely out of the question.

The teardown also confirms that the new MacBook Pro comes with Apple’s updated third-generation Butterfly keyboard. The verdict is still not out on whether this keyboard mechanism also suffers from the same reliability issues as its previous brothers or not. Thankfully, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro is already a part of Apple’s Keyboard Service program so you are covered for 4 years for any keyboard-related issues from the date of purchase.

The teardown also reveals that the MacBook Pro comes with a slightly larger battery than the outgoing model. That’s a good thing since the new model features a more powerful and power-hungry quad-core processor.

In the end, just like the previous MacBook Pro, the base 13-inch MacBook Pro has also received a repairability score of 2 out of 10. With a soldered down SSD and RAM, upgrading the MacBook Pro down the line is not possible anymore. Plus, the use of proprietary pentalobe screws from Apple further makes in-house repair a difficult job.

As benchmarks have shown, the base 13-inch MacBook Pro with its quad-core Core i5 processor offers a massive performance improvement over its predecessor. The switch to a quad-core processor means the new MacBook Pro will perform notably better in multi-threaded tasks. Then, there’s also Apple’s T2 chip that is meant to speed up certain video encoding/decoding related tasks.

Are you happy to give up on third-party repair options for the base 13-inch MacBook Pro in lieu of better performance?

[Via iFixit]

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