Chimera Jailbreak 1.2.5 Update Brings Significant Stability Improvements

Chimera Jailbreak

The Electra team has released Chimera 1.2.5 for iOS 12 – iOS 12.2. The latest update to the jailbreaking tool fixes the stability issues that many users on iOS 12.2 had reported while jailbreaking their device.

Additionally, the update also contains fixes for some random freezes on iOS 12 – iOS 12.2.

Below is the full change-log of the update:

  1. Improves stability significantly on iOS 12.2 2. Fixes occasional freezes on 12.0 – 12.1.x 3.
  2. Fixes occasional freezes on 12.0 – 12.1.x.
  3. Adds @NedWilliamson to in-app credits for sockpuppet.

Unlike Unc0ver, the Electra team is yet to update Chimera with support for A7-A8 devices running iOS 12.1.3 – iOS 12.2.

The update comes just a day after the Pwn20wnd team updated Unc0ver jailbreak with some major stability fixes and added support for A7-A8 devices like the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. On the flip side, Chimera supports jailbreaking A12 Bionic devices like the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and the 2018 iPad Pro, though it only supports iOS 12 – iOS 12.1.2.

If you are already running Chimera on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 – iOS 12.2, you can update to the newest release of Chimera by following our guide. You can also go through our list of the best Sileo sources and repos for iOS 12 – iOS 12.2 for Chimera jailbreak.

Chimera comes with Sileo as its default package manager which offers a superior UI/UX compared to Cydia. The latter ships as the default package manager with Unc0ver jailbreak.

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