Twitter is testing a way to let you follow topics – CNET

Twitter logo on a smartphone screen

One Twitter, so many topics.

Angela Lang/CNET

Twitter wants to make following a topic as easy as following an account.

On Tuesday, the company said it’s trying out a way for users to follow sports topics such as the New England Patriots, cricket or wrestling. It’s testing this feature for Android users and will curate topics users could be interested in following.

Twitter will also let you “mute” topics so you don’t see these tweets all the time, and it’s exploring a way for you to create a separate timeline that includes certain accounts and topics you follow.

It hasn’t said when or if it plans to release these features globally. Earlier this year, Twitter released a prototype app so users could test new features such as adding color to replies, with the goal of making it easier to follow conversations.

“Our desire is to be a little bit more ambitious about the level of change that we introduce into the product,” said Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour during a press event at the company’s San Francisco headquarters.

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