Thieves Target Apple Store in Bay Area and Manage to Steal 16 iPhones

Apple Stores are centrally located and mostly offer open areas for checking out Apple products. The ambiance and the elegance of the Apple Store is not only attracting buyers but it is also attracting thieves who intend to make a fortune by stealing iPhones. In the latest incident, thieves have targeted an Apple Store in the Bay Area and managed to escape with 16 iPhones.

According to police, three females walked into the store and ran out after managing to grab 16 iPhones. The three suspects used a silver Honda Civic as their getaway vehicle. Walnut Creek police have published the pictures of the suspects and have urged anyone with the information to come forward and furnish the same. Interestingly, Apple Store in Walnut Creek, Emeryville, and Berkeley locations have all been targets of robbery in the last year.

Apple Store has been robbed many times and in one instance thieves made away with $1 million worth of devices. A majority of thieves work in gangs and some have also robbed Apple Store at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Apple is tightening its security and has introduced a new kill switch that will render the stolen demo handset useless. However, it seems like thieves can still salvage the iPhone and sell the parts individually.

All said and done, the increasing incidents of theft in the Apple Store not only causes damage to property but also poses a threat to the shoppers. Perhaps Apple should employ other measures to curb down such incidents. For starters, they can attach devices to security tethers which sound an alarm as soon as the device is disconnected. Meanwhile, the police are still searching for suspects in many of the cases.

[via EastBayTimes]

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