Report Says 2019 iPhones Will Come with USB Type-C Charger

Apple's own Lightning to USB-C cable

Apple is expected to pull the wraps from the new iPhones and Apple Watch in September. The rumors are rife and hinting at new features and functionality. ChargerLab claims that Apple will finally ditch the traditional charger in favor of Type-C USB. It suggests that Apple will also offer lightning to USB-C cable.

If this is true Apple will finally be able to offer a fast charger while retaining Lightning cable. It is worth noting that ChargerLab had predicted USB-C charger for 2018 iPhones and as we all know the prophecy didn’t come true. This time around ChargerLAB’s report is corroborated by Macotakara report. Both reports predict a USB Type-C charger for incoming iPhones. That being said, Apple did manage to offer USB Type-C connector on the iPad Pro last year.

Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Max are expected to come with a larger battery. A report also suggests that 2019 iPhones will allow two-way charging. With this feature, you can use your iPhone to charge Apple Watch and AirPods.

Our take

It is no secret that USB Type-C usage is widespread and nearly all Android phone use the same. In the recent past, we have seen manufacturers adopting a universal mode of charging. Currently, iPhones are still being charged via a 5-watt wall charger. The device is capable of charging at higher power but the USB-A charger unit is not capable of the same. Perhaps Apple was delaying the shift to USB-C as many of the users are already hooked to accessories that use traditional USB.

All said and done, Type-C USB charger brick for new iPhones will be a welcome change and one that will help us powerup iPhones faster than before.

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