Disney+ Will Offer 4K Streaming and 4 Simultaneous Streams for $6.99/Month

As the launch date of Disney+ is coming close, the company is revealing more details about its streaming service.

The streaming service will offer customers the ability to stream 4K streams on up to four devices at the same time at no additional cost. Disney+ users will also be able to set up seven different user profiles.

This is contrary to Netflix which does not offer users the ability to stream 4K videos or view simultaneous streams on multiple devices. For this, the service requires users to subscribe to one of its more premium plans. Netflix charges its U.S. customers $16/month for streaming 4K content and four simultaneous streams.

Disney has already revealed that Disney+ will cost $6.99/month when it launches on November 12. The streaming service will be available on all major platforms including iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, PS4, and Xbox One, with only Amazon’s Fire TV platform missing. There is also a Disney+ bundle with Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99/month.

The company also announced some new shows that will be debuting on the platform including She Hulk and a series on Ms. Marvel.

Disney+ is clearly going to offer users a lot of bang for their buck. Mix the great pricing with an equally impressive content lineup which includes popular Disney and Marvel characters and its clear that Disney+ is going to be a massive success. The launch of Disney+ might force Netflix to tweak its pricing as well.

Apple is also scheduled to launch Apple TV+, its own streaming service, later this year. However, apart from detailing some of the shows that will be coming to the platform, the company has not provided other details about the service. Apple really needs to price Apple TV+ aggressively and ensure it has a great content library on launch if it does not want the launch to be overshadowed by Disney+.

[Via CNet]

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