Google Pixel 4 hands-on videos show the phone in all its glory

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  • Two hands-on videos show off the Google Pixel 4.
  • The videos reveal the phone’s Ambient EQ and Smooth Display features.
  • Also shown off are the matte black border and more.

With Google Pixel 4 leaks seemingly never-ending, today brings us more leaks on Google’s upcoming flagship. The difference is the leaks provide the clearest looks at the Pixel 4 we’ve had yet.

Starting with YouTube channel AnhEm TV, the hands-on video shows off the Pixel 4’s design. Curiously, the phone features a matte black border with a white finish around back. Up until now, leaks of the Pixel 4 show the phone with a white border.

The video also shows off a bit of the Pixel 4’s software, with Google seemingly making some changes to the stock camera app. The camera options sit below the camera shutter, camera switch, and image buttons, with no border to separate the buttons from the viewfinder.

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Continuing with software, the Pixel 4 reportedly features an “Ambient EQ” toggle. Similar to Apple’s True Tone, Ambient EQ dynamically adjusts the display based on your environment’s lighting conditions.

Finally, the video seemingly confirms the Pixel 4’s 90Hz refresh rate for the display. Interestingly, there’s a “Smooth Display” setting that lets you switch between 60Hz and 90Hz. Even though 90Hz provides a smoother experience, the higher refresh rate tends to drain the battery faster. Having the 60Hz option helps preserve battery life, though navigation won’t be as smooth.

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The next hands-on video is from YouTube channel Rabbit TV. In the video, the Pixel 4 is shown off in three colors: white, black, and coral. The white and coral options have matte black borders.

The video also shows off some of the Pixel 4’s software, such as the aforementioned Smooth Display toggle. They also talk about the phone’s front sensors, which include the Soli radar, facial recognition sensors, and more.

Finally, the video mentions a Sony IMX481 telephoto sensor, Sony IMX363 standard sensor, and Sony IMX520 front-facing sensor. There’s also talk of an OVM7251 IR sensor used for the Pixel 4’s Face Unlock feature.

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