Apple Highlights iPhone 11 Pro’s Durability and Camera in New Videos

Soon after the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro went up for pre-orders, Apple has released three new videos highlighting the various features of the new iPhones.

All three videos are done in typical Apple style and feature amazing camera work and do a great job of highlighting the areas where the iPhone 11 Pro excels.

The first video ”It’s tough out there” highlights the iPhone 11 Pro’s durable new glass which can withstand whatever is thrown at it inside a wind simulator tunnel.

[embedded content]

The second video is all about the triple-camera system of the iPhone 11 Pro. The same wind simulator tunnel is used but this time around, a dog is made to sit inside it. Then the iPhone 11 Pro is used to click his photos. The videos shows the flexibility of the triple-camera system and even the new Night Mode which is meant to take detailed photos in low-light scenarios.

[embedded content]

The third video titled “Cinematic Tests” shows off the iPhone’s 4K video recording capabilities which Apple has further improved on the iPhone 11 Pro series. This video was also shown by Apple when it unveiled the iPhone 11 Pro earlier this week.

[embedded content]

All three videos from Apple do a great job of showing the new features of the iPhone 11 Pro series.

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