Polestar Says The 2 Makes For A Great Tesla Model 3 Alternative

The first mass-market electric vehicle from Polestar, simply dubbed the ‘2’, is a compelling alternative to the Tesla Model 3, the company’s chief operating officer says.

Jonathan Goodman recently acknowledged the success of the Model 3 in an interview with The Detroit News and said that the similar dimensions of the Polestar 2 should help it appeal to buyers looking for a mid-size, all-electric sedan.

“I think the equipment, the fit, the finish of the car are exceptional,” Goodman said. “And I think it makes a wonderful alternative to the highly successful Tesla Model 3. Dimensionally, it’s pretty similar to a Tesla Model 3 and I think it creates an alternative and joins the competition in and around it where there hasn’t been much. We happen to believe it’s a great alternative, but I think that’s for the customer to come in and have a look and decide.”

Numerous car manufacturers have launched their answers to Tesla’s hugely popular family of models in the past 18 months, including Jaguar and Audi, but none of them have been able to generate the demand and hype that Tesla continues to enjoy.

“Nobody quite yet has been able to out-Tesla Tesla,” pricing and industry analyst at Edmunds, Jeremy Avevedo said. “Jaguar has had a full-electric SUV hit the market [the I-Pace[] and that’s kind of been met with lackluster demand. The Audi e-tron, as well, really isn’t getting close to the Model 3 as far as sales numbers. These vehicles that have been billed as ‘Tesla killers’ really haven’t competed with the brand as far as market demand and sales thus far.”

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Polestar believes that the 2 being the first production car to feature Google’s Android infotainment system as standard should ensure the electric sedan appeals to electric vehicle buyers who are very tech-minded.

“Our research has shown time and time again that the people who are interested in electric vehicles, almost always have a very high-tech mindset,” vice president of industry analysis for AutoPacific, Ed Kim said. “Their interest in technology extends far beyond just the powertrain technology in the car … They’re total technology enthusiasts.”

Initial Polestar 2 Launch Edition models will arrive in the United States priced at $63,000, roughly the same as a loaded-out Tesla Model 3 Performance.

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