1,800 HP VW Lupo Does A 9-Sec Quarter Mile Despite Struggling For Grip

In today’s car world, we have compact hot hatchbacks with over 400 HP, SUVs that are more powerful than some supercars, and ultra fast sedans that will make you dizzy with their performance.

Nevertheless, there will always be a number of people who will go for something totally offbeat. Take this Volkswagen Lupo, for example, which used to be a decent city car back in the day before being turned into a drag racing beast.

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If it looks familiar, that’s because we wrote about it a few months ago, when it was seen at a drag racing event in Romania. More recently, it took a trip to the Santa Pod Raceway, in the UK, to participate in another straight-line acceleration contest.

However, the big news is that the already impressive powertrain has been boosted up to 1,800 HP, according to the description of the video that follows. Technical details are still scarce, yet it seems that the Lupo turned into a veritable hot rod features not one, but two heavily-modified 2.0-liter petrol engines, and not a twin-turbo unit as we initially reported, with each said to deliver 900 HP. That’s an extra 600 HP squeezed out since last time we saw it, which, naturally, makes finding grip somewhat of a challenge.

Nonetheless, with the brave driver setting it loose against the clock (and other vehicles), it did run the quarter mile in just a little over 9 seconds – a true jaw-dropping performance any way you look at it.

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