Bugatti Chiron SS 6X6 Render Depicts Grip-Happy Hypercar

The only time somebody would actually need a 6×6 setup on their vehicle is for off-road purposes in order to conquer difficult terrain. But in a luxury hypercar? It’s ridiculous, redundant and downright laughable.

Of course, in today’s automotive landscape, there’s no such thing as an exclusive luxury product sitting on the shelves, and a limited edition or perhaps even one-off Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 6×6 would definitely qualify as something wealthy buyers would want in their multiple-car garage.

You don’t think they would? The exclusivity factor alone would be enough to sway most, even if the car is not as good as the normal version – and of course it wouldn’t be. In fact, let’s run through some of the disadvantages of having a 6×6 setup on your car.

For starters, there’s more weight, which in something like a Bugatti Chiron is a pretty important thing. Then there are the additional maintenance costs, as well as poorer fuel efficiency. On top of that, the car would be longer and less agile around corners.

As for any positives, well, maybe you get better traction off the line, but seen as how this is a hypercar, the added weight factor would probably offset any grip advantage you might have over say, a regular Chiron Super Sport.

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In the “looks” department, this Chiron SS 6×6 by Aksyonov Nikita is considerably longer than its four wheel counterpart. The designer did have to push the original rear wheels a little bit towards the cabin though, otherwise the vehicle would have come off as way too long, instead of just too long.

All things considered, this is an interesting concept, and we would definitely love to know how a 6×6 Chiron would drive in real life. On second thought, some things are better left to the imagination.

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