iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 Beta 2: What’s New

Apple today released the second developer beta of iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2. While the highlight of the first developer beta of iOS 13.2 introduced Deep Fusion to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, the second beta is all about a number of small changes and enhancements.

Below is everything that’s new in iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 beta 2.

What’s New in iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2  Beta 2

Delete Apps Directly from Home Screen

When you Haptic Touch or 3D Touch an icon on the home screen, you will get an option to directly delete it.

New Emoji and Emoji Picker

iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 add support for Unicode 12 emoji which includes waffle, otter, sloth, and more.

There is also a new emoji picker when trying to select a skin tone for a multi-color emoji.

Delete Siri History

There is now an option under Siri & Search in Settings that will allow you to delete your entire Siri and dictation history.

New AirPods Animation

There is a new animation in iOS 13.2 beta 2 which shows how one can change the noise cancellation level on the new AirPods.

Change Video Recording Settings

You can now directly change the video resolution and frame rate from within the Camera app on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Faster Multitasking Animation

The animation to bring up the app switcher is now noticeably faster.

New Action Sheet for Music App

There is a new action sheet inside the Music App in iOS 13.2 beta 2.

Noticed any other changes in iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 beta 2? Drop a comment and let us know.

[Via r/iOSBeta]

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