Dodge Says Mustang And Camaro Owners Are Buying Chargers

Not only does the Dodge Challenger remain an excellent seller for the car manufacturer, its four-door Charger sibling also continues to sell well.

Speaking with Muscle Cars and Trucks, Dodge Charger marketing manager Ashton Muñoz revealed that the sedan is so popular it is actually attracting owners from rival brands and muscle car enthusiasts looking for something a little more practical than their Mustangs and Camaros.

“We actually see a lot of people coming in from Mustang and Camaro. It’s a sedan, but we see (two-door) muscle car buyers getting into it,” Muñoz said. “We like to theorize that you’ve had a muscle car your whole life, and you’re in that next stage (with a family), but you still want something fun. You can have it with the (Dodge Charger).”

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One key reason why the Charger continues to sell well after all these years is the fact that there simply isn’t another performance sedan from a mainstream brand on the market like it and for anywhere near the same price. In addition, the Charger is the only rear-wheel drive sedan in its segment and this has no doubt paid dividends in making sure it appeals to traditional driving enthusiasts.

“The (discontinued) Ford Taurus SHO was decently powerful and had all-wheel-drive, but it was still a Taurus… Impala has zero performance trim levels, and the only (Chevy) that was close to the Charger was the SS sedan, which is no longer,” Muñoz added. “The Toyota Avalon just came out with a TRD… they’re trying, I get it, they may be see what we’re doing and hoping to get a piece of that performance market. But what you look at their actual additions for performance, they only did an exhaust and tightened up the steering and suspension. And it’s still front wheel drive. We’re the only RWD car in that segment.”

The Dodge Charger family was recently spruced up with the launch of the range-topping SRT Hellcat Widebody model that’s available with up to 717 hp in the limited-edition Daytona 50th Anniversary model. The Charger Widebody package is also available in 485 hp Scat Pack guise and ‘standard’ 707 hp Hellcat form.

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