The Father of Android Shows off a Smartphone With ‘Radically Different Form Factor’

Essential Project Gem

The father of Android, Andy Rubin, has not really met with much success in his second innings with the Essential Phone. While the phone did have a unique design when it first launched, it failed to attract customers. Not deterred by the failure of the Essential Phone, Andy Rubin has now teased Essential’s second device which it is calling Project Gem.

This new device from Essential is not a successor to the Essential Phone. Instead, with Project Gem, Essential is looking to “reframe your perspective on mobile.” From the photos shared, it is clear that the phone has an unusually tall and slim display. It looks like Essential is looking to create a secondary smartphone companion here, something like the Palm Phone. The photos shared by Essential also show off some bold colors in which the handset might possibly be available.

Android co-founder and Essential owner Andy Rubin also shared some photos of the new UI on Project Gem for its radically different form factor. It is likely that this phone is running a modified version of Android. Given that the Essential Phone is praised for its fast update experience and stock Android experience, it will be interesting to see how fast Essential is able to roll out software updates to the Gem due to the heavy modifications it has made to it.

The device is in “early testing” and Essential promises to share more details about it in the near future. What are your thoughts on this device from Essential?

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