Taycan Turbo S Outperforms Model S P100D In German Test, Tesla Fans Are Not Happy

German publication Vox Automobili recently gathered together a brand new Porsche Taycan Turbo S and Tesla Model S P100D for a series of tests.

The full clip, available here, is previewed in the YouTube video below. In the first test, the duo were pitted against each other to see which changes direction better in an emergency situation.

The tests were conducted in the wet, and when the Tesla entered the section of cones at 90 km/h (56 mph), it suffered from a huge amount of understeer and was unable to make it through. By comparison, the Taycan Turbo S ran through the coned sections without issue at 97 km/h (60 mph).

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Then we come to the drag races. Two tests were conducted,once again in the wet, to see which of the electric sedans can get off the line the quickest. In both, it was the Porsche that came out on top thanks to its improved traction off the line. In dry conditions, official acceleration figures from the two companies suggests that the Model S is a touch faster off the line, though in the wet, it seemed to struggle a little.

Tesla fans are an enthusiastic bunch and aren’t all that happy with the results. The YouTube comments is filled with accusations that the test was rigged because it comes from a German publication – and Porsche is, of course, German. We’re assured that both cars were fitted with their standard tires for the tests and while one could debate the results of the drag races, it’s hard to debate the results of the high-speed handling test. Admittedly, the Tesla tested is the older P100D model as opposed to the new-and-improved ‘Raven’, so we’ll withhold judgement for now, but it might just be that the American electric saloon has finally met its match.

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