Polestar To Launch Its First North American Store In Montreal

Volvo’s performance sub-brand, Polestar, has announced that it will open its first North American store not in the States, as one might have expected, but in Montreal, Canada.

Spearheading the electric car manufacturer’s launch in Canada will be the former director of sales operations for Volvo Car Canada, 45-year-old Hugues Bissonnette. As part of his role at Polestar, Bissonnette will head up the development of its retail environments, customer service initiatives, and be in charge of overall brand performance.

The brand’s inaugural North American retail space will be co-launched with partner Groupe Park Avenue, with local sales of the Polestar 2 scheduled to kick off in June 2020.

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“I am delighted to announce two critical components of Polestar’s entry into the Canadian market today,” head of Polestar in the Americas, Gregor Hembrough said of the announcements. “We have selected an incredible partner in Groupe Park Avenue. I am confident the team will embody the premium, consumer-centric retail experience we are striving for. It is also fitting that alongside the first retailer in Montreal, we announce a Quebecois as the Country Manager. Hugues has the right skillset, developed over time working in both the Americas and Europe, and I am confident he will have great success launching Polestar in Canada.”

Polestar’s Montreal location will open next year and be shortly followed up by sites in Toronto and Vancouver as well as various cities across the United States. These retail spaces will be similar to the stores operated by Tesla in that they will be located in high-traffic downtown locations, include two or three display and demonstrator vehicles, and operate with three or four no-commission product specialists.

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