Tesla’s Model S Plaid Prototype Has Sprouted A Massive Rear Wing

Tesla has once again upgraded a Model S Plaid prototype it is currently testing at the Nurburgring, as our latest spy images reveal.

Late last week, a pair of Model S prototypes lapped the circuit with a number of bold aerodynamic parts, including a dark blue one with a crazy rear diffuser. Fast forward a few days, and that same car has been outfitted with other new parts.

Most notably, Tesla has been conducting tests in the car when outfitted with a towering rear wing that looks massively out of place on the sleek electric sedan, but will inevitably help it through high-speed corners by creating much-needed downforce.

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At other tests, engineers removed the wing and affixed an extended lip spoiler at the rear. There is the same rear diffuser, widened arches and wheels, and extended front splitter as the prototype has used previously. Interestingly, the ‘Dual Motor’ badge on the rear has been replaced with one that says ‘100.’

In these images, our spy photographers were also able to get a slightly better view of the car’s interior through the heavily-tinted side windows. The presence of a full roll cage in the back and a racing seat for the driver indicates that much of the cabin has been stripped out.

What prompted Tesla to adorn its blue Model S Plaid prototype with even more extreme aero parts? It’s hard to say, but perhaps they are simply trying to see which is more appropriate at the German circuit before finalizing the car’s setup and embarking on a record attempt. If an eventual lap time is to be considered legitimate, Tesla would need to offer these aero upgrades in the production version of the three-motor Plaid.

Tesla has previously said a time of 7:05 around the track was in reach. If achieved, it would make it 37 seconds faster than the Porsche Taycan Turbo.

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Photo credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for Carscoops

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