Need For Speed Heat Launch Trailer Stars A Custom Polestar 1

The official Need for Speed Heat launch trailer has just been released a couple of months after we got our first taste of the new racing game.

In the trailer, a host of impressive performance cars are featured, including the game’s “hero car”, an extensively modified Polestar 1 in bright yellow and outfitted with bold wings and splitters. Other cars featured include the latest Ford GT, a Porsche 911, E30-generation BMW M3, and others. The full list of cars for the game has yet to be released.

Need for Speed Heat is set in the fictional Palm City and revolves around a group of street racers who attempt to defy and out-run a rogue police task force that wants to bring an end to their activities.

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“We’re delivering more options than ever before for players to be unique and make themselves known,” Ghost Games executive Riley Cooper recently said of Need for Speed Heat. “Our fans have been clear that they want more cars, more customization, and more challenges, and we’re tuning up on every aspect. From your character’s style to your car’s performance and your driving style, we’re fueling everyone’s creativity with this new game.”

Need for Speed Heat will be available from November 8 on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC. Those who order the game’s standard edition will be rewarded with a K.S. Edition Mitsubishi Evolution X while the Deluxe Edition includes a K.S. Edition BMW i8 Coupe, Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe, and Corvette Grand Sport. These ‘K.S. Edition’ cars, including the hero Polestar 1, were designed by online artist Khysyl Saleem.

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