2019 Mac Pro Receives FCC Approval, Launch Imminent

The 2019 Mac Pro has received the necessary approval from FCC ahead of its release later this year.

What this means is that the launch of the Mac Pro is imminent. It is compulsory for all consumer tech products to get the required approval from FCC before going on sale.

Apple had announced the 2019 Mac Pro at WWDC earlier this year. The new Mac Pro features a modular tower design with a front that resembles the cheese grater. Unlike the 2013 Mac Pro, Apple has focused entirely on performance and upgradability this time around.

As detailed by Apple, the 2019 Mac Pro will be available with up to 28-core CPU, 1.5TB RAM (!), and a maximum of 4 GPUs. Apple has also left the room open for future upgrades by offering eight PCIe slots  and 12 DIMM slots.

The base Mac Pro will start at $5999 and include an 8-core Intel Xeon processor, 256GB SSD, 32GB RAM, and a Radeon 580X GPU.

Apple had sought for tariff exemption from the US government on certain Mac Pro parts as it looked to move the production of the machine to China. After President Trump publicly declined Apple of any tariff waiver, the company announced that it will be manufacturing the 2019 Mac Pro in Texas.

With the Mac Pro getting the FCC approval, it is likely that the machine will go on sale in the first half of November.

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