Ford’s New SYNC 4 Infotainment To Feature Wireless CarPlay And Android Auto

Ford has announced the first details of the upcoming SYNC 4, the next generation of the company’s infotainment system that will introduce many new features and twice the computing power of the outgoing SYNC 3.

The new SYNC 4 will feature cloud connectivity as standard, which includes both the navigation and voice-control systems; the navigation will use frequently refreshed maps that have all the latest available traffic and construction information while the advanced voice control system will be able to understand conversational requests.

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The system’s graphics and interface will also be refreshed, adding new capabilities, depending on screen size and model, but all versions of the SYNC 4 will be capable of multitasking by splitting the screen into larger and smaller windows.

The system will be available with 8-, 12- and portrait-oriented 15.5-inch touchscreen displays, with the system taking advantage of the extra real estate in the latter by adding the so-called Adaptive Dash Cards on the interface. These cards will feature recently used or popular features on the system, replacing the need of having to navigate menus every time you want to launch an app.

“No matter what size screen Ford customers choose, they will be getting an experience tailor-made for their vehicle,” said Gary Jablonski, chief engineer for SYNC technology, Ford Motor Company. “SYNC 4 puts these high-definition screens to work not only by offering even crisper displays, but also by making driving easier with new multi-tasking capabilities.”

One of the new infotainment’s highlights will be the inclusion of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as SYNC Applink applications, including Waze and Ford+Alexa. In addition, both Bluetooth and WiFi will allow simultaneous operation of in-vehicle entertainment and smartphone navigation, while allowing calls, music and other features to be controlled via the touchscreen display.

The new SYNC 4 will debut on select new Ford models from  2020, which will include the upcoming Mustang-inspired electric SUV, judging from the miles per kWh information portrayed in the provided screenshots.

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