Apple TV+ 4K Streaming Quality Better than Netflix

Apple TV+ might not have an impressive content library but it does have one major advantage over its competition: it offers the highest quality 4K streaming. In testing conducted by Ramus Larsen of flatpanelshd, the 4K streaming quality of Apple TV+ was higher than most iTunes movies.

The streaming service uses variable bitrate so depending on the internet connection and the speed, the bitrate will vary. However, during testing, “See” hit the highest bitrate of 29Mb/s with a peak of 41Mb/s. “The Elephant Queen” averaged around 26MB/s. The audio bitrate was also relatively high at 386Kb/s. This was without Dolby Atmos and the bitrate would be higher when connected with an Atmos sound system.

The streaming quality of Apple TV+ is about half of a movie written on a UHD Blu-ray disc and 1.5x-2x of an HD Blu-ray disc. For comparison, Netflix streams have a streaming bitrate of 15Mb/s, though the service recommends having a 25Mbps connection.

The high-quality streaming means that if you have the proper setup, you will be able to enjoy content from Apple TV+ without any compromises. However, if your broadband connection has a data cap, you will likely blow through it while watching content on Apple TV+. As the streaming service grows in popularity, Apple could end up adding a low data mode to the service or offer users to automatically increase/decrease the streaming quality.

[Via Flatpanelshd]

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