Apple Employee Fired After Stealing Photos from a Woman’s Phone

Companies like Apple are very strict when it comes to policies. A Bakersfield woman is upset with Valley Plaza Mall Apple store after an employee stole photos from her phone. The woman took to Facebook and her post has been shared a thousand times.

The complainant by the name Gloria Fuentes went to the Valley Plaza Apple Store on Monday. Her display was cracked and she wanted to get it fixed at the Apple Store. A male employee took the phone and gave it back later. Fuentes soon realized that someone had sent a message form her phone to an unknown number.

*****PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!***** So last night, I went to Apple in the Valley Plaza (Bakersfield, CA) to get my phone…

Posted by Gloria Elisa Fuentes on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Fuentes also says that the picture was more than a year old and this means the employee has skimmed through her photo gallery. She said, “And this picture was from almost a year ago so he had to have scrolled up for a while.” Apple immediately swung into action and launched an investigation. The company later found out that the employee was indeed guilty and fired him immediately.

Apple immediately launched an internal investigation and determined that the employee acted far outside the strict privacy guidelines to which we hold all Apple employees. He is no longer associated with our company.

Thats, not the end. Things will drag even after Apple fired the employee. Even the Bakersfield Police Department insists it is an open, active investigation. In other words, criminal charges might soon follow suit. If interested you can watch the full investigation video.

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