World’s Only AWD Mazda RX-7 With A 4-Rotor Engine Edges Closer To Completion

Rob Dahm returned to SEMA this year to show off his unique project; we’re talking of course for the world’s first and only all-wheel drive Mazda RX-7 fitted with a four-rotor billet engine.

The project has been in development for some years now, showcasing how much time these unique builds require. The amount of engineering required is simply mind-bending as the car features a bespoke chassis with tubular subframes front and rear, a very trick inboard suspension with plenty of billet goodness and the world’s first four rotor engine with billet alloy crankcase blocks, not to mention the custom all-wheel drive system.

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When you put it all together, it’s all a bit too overwhelming but Dahm’s goal has been set and we all eventually will see this crazy project getting finished.

Compared to a standard RX-7, Dahm’s beast has been stretched by eight inches and widened by an additional nine inches to make room for everything without losing the identity of the beloved Japanese sports car. A set of gold 19-inch Vossen alloys is still present, measuring 10.5 inches wide all around and hiding the big Wilwood brakes.

Despite the obvious racecar vibes, Rob Dahm plans to turn this monster of an RX-7 into a street car eventually, albeit one with around 1,800 HP when running on race fuel and just 1,200 HP on the wheels on pump fuel.

So you can safely say that apart from being the world’s first all-wheel drive, billet four rotor-engined Mazda RX-7, it’s also going to be the world’s craziest rotary-powered road car by far.

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Image Credits: Street FX Motorsport & Graphics

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