What If Alfa Romeo’s Next 2023 Giulia Looked Like This?

What makes the current Alfa Romeo Giulia such a great car to look at are its emotional curves and powerful-looking arches. It’s Italian through and though, looking completely unlike any of its German, British or Japanese rivals.

Also, it may not be the best overall car in its segment, but the Giulia strikes an excellent balance in terms of driving dynamics and comfort. So if you also like the way it looks, then you’ll probably want to shortlist it as a potential purchase when looking for a new sports executive sedan.

But what if we were to look further into the future? While one can never, ever be sure with FCA’s product plans, we’re going to assume that the Italian carmaker will want to replace the current Giulia with an all-new model by 2023. The Giulia’s predecessor, the Alfa 159, was in production for 6 years, but given that the current model that was introduced in 2015 just received a mild update, we reckon it should remain in the market for another 2-3 years.

However, it’s entirely possible that the all-new Giulia might not even be a sedan, reports Autocar. According to FCA’s European design boss Klaus Busse, his company is already thinking about what type of vehicle might take the Giulia’s place amids poor saloon sales.

“We have an idea, but it’s too early to share,” he was quoted as saying.

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Still, if we were to bet, we’d still do so on Alfa Romeo replacing the Giulia with another sedan, and when that happens, we hope that it will continue to feature an “emotional” design, unlike this rendering by Kostur Alexandr, courtesy of Motor1.

As you can see, the design language used for the render is sharp and quite German-like – a bit too much, actually. The front and rear fascias do remind us a little of the 159, but the car is definitely too minimal (and cold) to be a quintessential Italian sports sedan.

Then again, the Tonale isn’t the prettiest thing out there either, and Alfa should probably stick to what they know going forward, otherwise they risk falling even further behind in terms of sales.

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