Jeep Wrangler Flips Over After Driver Caught Off-Guard By Stationary Traffic

While this might look like a perfectly executed action move stunt, it unfortunately wasn’t. The footage was captured recently on TeslaCam, showing just how easy it is to flip your car over if you don’t pay attention.

This looks like a classic case of traffic slowing down ahead, and somebody failing to notice until it was probably too late – this by the way is why all new cars should be equipped with collision avoidance systems, but rest assured that day is coming.

But back to what happened, the video description also mentions the fact that the Tesla driver pulled over after the video cuts out, and gave the recording to the police via flash drive. We also learn that the driver of the Wrangler wasn’t harmed, which is pretty lucky seen as how this wasn’t a mere fender bender.

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Of course the real victim here, if we can call them that, is the driver of the car that was hit by the Wrangler. It’s always a difficult position to be in – as the last vehicle in a crowd of cars that comes to a halt on an open road. Best thing you can do when traffic slows down ahead is put on your hazard lights and hope for the best, although some situations are simply unavoidable.

This one however clearly could have been avoided, from the Jeep driver’s perspective. We’re also not sure if the weather conditions played a role in the crash, but it’s something we can’t really rule out.

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