Spotify Introduces Sleep Timer in Its iOS App

The hugely popular online music streaming service, Spotify, had introduced the ‘Sleep Timer’ feature in its Android app back in May. And today, the feature is set to make its way to Spotify’s iOS app.

The sleep timer feature isn’t new for music players; it has been around for long. However, not many subscription-based online streaming applications have implemented the feature so far.

As the name suggests, sleep timer lets you set a specific time, after which, it stops the music playback. This comes handy if you plan on listening to music just before going to sleep, and want the playback to stop automatically after some time.

The Sleep Timer feature in Spotify’s music streaming app lets you set the timer anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. When the set time is completed, the app stops the music playback.

While Spotify had announced that it would roll out the app update for the Sleep Timer feature starting today, there is no report of any such update. Hopefully, it will appear in the App Store soon. You can check for the update by clicking on ‘Check for updates’ in the app market place.

Spotify’s direct rival, Apple Music, offers sleep timer as well. However, you have to enable it through the iOS’ native clock app, unlike that with Spotify, where you can access it directly from the music app.

Also, the sleep timer in Apple Music is available only on Apple devices. The Cupertino-based tech giant hasn’t announced any plans so far to bring the sleep timer feature to the brand’s music streaming app for Android or Windows.

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